Goats Unlimited (GU) is a dynamic advisory, development and managing company specialising in various agribusiness sectors as a facilitator and implementer. We are 100% black-owned and, we have a passion for goat farming, livestock in general and rural development in all its manifestations.

Our aim is to change and uplift the standard of living in rural areas through the promotion of environmental and social sustainable goat farming and agri-business.

Our Inspiration

We are greatly inspired by goats and successful professional goat breeders throughout South Africa. GU believes that this success can be emulated by engaging farmers in the black community. We are fully aware of the potential of goat farming to alleviate poverty in rural areas. We would like to turn the goat industry on its head by ensuring that the potential of the value chain is realised. However, we are fully aware of the fact that in the absence of properly bred goats, this potential cannot be realised.

Our Mission

We strive to add value in goat production value chain and make a difference in the upliftment of the standard of living of the people in rural and semi-urban areas. We promote and facilitate development with a view to meeting the client’s overall objectives of quality, cost, value for money and time.


  • Goat breeding training
  • Breeding Stock
  • Diverse agricultural training
  • Consulting

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Goats Unlimited is an AGRISETA

Our Service Provider Number (AGRI/c prov/0734/16)

accredited institution. Email us for more information